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Quality Statement


Quality statement for InPower Semiconductor is matter-of-fact. Our philosophy is that quality is more than a noble statement. The quality concept at InPower flourishes because of employee attitudes and the significant sales and manufacturing benefits it provides. These can be summarized as follows: 

1. Customers Require Quality: If InPower doesn't produce the highest quality products, customers will find other companies who will. Customers define a product's quality. InPower listens to its customer inputs on how to improve what we do and what they expect to buy. 
2. Quality Improves Profitability: Our objective is to design in quality. Do it right the first time. Quality improvements must continuously occur to keep pace with market demands for lower costs. Never accept our current quality as the status quo. High yields are a direct result of attaining high quality. High quality requires dedication and commitment from all employees by paying close attention to details. If a quality problem exists, find the root cause and fix it. The highest possible yields define the lowest possible manufacturing costs. High yields means win-win for both InPower and its customers.


Quality Goals and Key Results 


‧ Customer Oriented, Zero Defects
‧ Continuous Improvement through Process Control and Management
‧ Stringent Inspection following all Critical Process Steps
‧ Robust Testing of all Devices at assembly

– 100% UIS Test
– 100% D Vsd (die attach) Testing
– 100% DC Parametric Testing
– Reliability Sampling of all Production Lots 


How InPower Monitors Vendor Quality 


Wafer Manufacturer

– SPC data & reports
– Certificate of Conformance


– SPC Data & reports
– WAT Yield reports
– Certificate of Conformance

Assembly House

– WAT Yield reports
– Final Test data a & Yield Reports
– Certificate of Conformance

Internal IQC

– Analysis of Wafer, Foundry and Assembly Data and Certificates of Conformance
– Lot Sampling of Key parameters, BVdss, Idss, Igss, Rds(on), UIS, Ciss, Crss, Coss, trr/Qrr
– Sample Reliability, HTRB & HTGB
– Certificate of Conformance 

‧ The most important factor affecting a component's reliability is its physical construction.

– Materials used.
– Methods of fabrication.
– Methods of assembly.

‧ On-going Reliability Improvement.

Reliability improvement is a continuous in-house policy at InPower. The following combination of stresses are monitored through both product development and audit during the product's life cycle:

‧ Thermal
‧ Thermo-mechanical
‧ Mechanical
‧ Voltage
‧ Humidity 

The data through these monitors is continuously ranked and analyzed to determine appropriate corrective action for any failure noted. Statistical data is routinely generated at critical stages of the fabrication and manufacturing processes and then integrated into corrective action when appropriate. This continuous cycle of testing, analysis and corrective action assured the continuing improvement of device reliability.