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        InPower Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (IPS) is a professional fabless design house to design power semiconductor products for power management applications. Current IPS target market segments are consumer electronics, automotive electronics, home appliance and information technology. 

        IPS specializes in power semiconductor technology development, one of the fastest growing and most challenging areas in the semiconductor industry. Products with proprietary intellectual property rights were released based on own unique power semiconductor technology platform. Products are more optimizing and more competitive by using advanced DMOS process patent applied in USA. 

        All IPS team members have outstanding track records in their respective professional fields with more than 120 years combined industrial experience. Core competencies of the IPS team are in the design, development and marketing of power management products such as power MOSFET, IGBT, Schottky Rectifier, Fast Recovery Rectifier Diode and IC.

        IPS proprietary power semiconductor technologies provide total system solutions and effectively reduce power losses, boost circuit efficiency and save electric energy. IPS has established several key technology baselines in power semiconductor development including Bipolar, high density VDMOS (Enhancement-mode MOSFET and Depletion-mode MOSFET) and IGBT. Bipolar CMOS-DMOS (BCD) processes for power management markets are currently under development to further integrate control IC (PWM pulse-width modulation) with VDMOS devices for more compact power management products.