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IPS released self-developed new generation high-voltage MOSFET--- I series MOSFET
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        IPS announced self-developed new generation high-voltage MOSFET--- I series MOSFET. I series MOSFET is fourth generation planar structure high-voltage products. Operation voltage range covers 400V to 900V with current from 1A to 25A. The compatibility with polysilicon zener diode can improve the ESD performance. I series MOSFET have high reliability, high efficiency, high EAS ability, low on-resistor and excellent dynamic characteristic etc. They are widely used in the field of LED lighting, AC-DC power supply, DC-DC converter and PWM motor driver etc.

        I series products optimize the gate oxide and other related processes. The gate-source breakdown voltage is increased, so the reliability and stability are excellently improved. The outstanding performance of I series products shows us, IDSS can remain only several nA leverl after high temperature ageing and HTRB reliability test. It is proved that the products can be operated with much long period under high reliability.

        In addition, IPS utilizes own U.S.A applied patent technology for this series MOSFET. By means of design and processes improvements, cell structure is optimized and JFET effect is efficiently decreased. The on-resistor is decreased per unit, and the static loss is reduced.